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Eyes of Freedom:

Romantic mystery spanning three generations

Finest White:

Passionate romance defying the laws of apartheid

Shears of Fate:

A complicated love affair in the face of revolution

    Today is the beginning of the rest of your life, so be sure to start it well.
My Bookshelf
  1. Eyes of Freedom
    Eyes of Freedom
    Romantic mystery spanning three generations.
  2. Finest White
    Finest White
    Passionate romance defying the laws of apartheid.
  3. Shears of Fate
    Shears of Fate
    A complicated love affair in the face of revolution.
    Collection of emotional and political poetry
  5. Paper Walls
    Paper Walls
    A romantic encounter that challenges cultural divides.
    A new life seems like dream until it becomes a nightmare
About Me
I am a European, my family is both English and French. I was born, raised and educated in England, and I live in my family home in France.
I studied engineering and was fortunate to qualify as a metallurgist, a qualification which became my passport to the world. Thus, from a young age I was destined to travel. I have lived and worked in many countries, and more importantly I have learned much from the people of these countries.
Now retired from business life, I am privileged to occupy myself as a writer, creating romantic stories about fictional characters immersed in surroundings I have known.
Through my writing I continue to travel, but not alone, I invite you to travel with me to the various locations and communities in which the characters of my novels are situated. To learn more 'click' on the page keys above.
​                                                               Leslie Walter.  ​